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Hardscaping Contractor - Fully Licensed

Hardscaping Contractor | East of Eden Landscaping - Nashville, TN

East of Eden Landscaping was founded in 1976 and has since then provided the Nashville, TN area with the best craftsmanship and high quality works in the region. We are a fully licensed and insured hardscaping contractor and offer services to enhance your outdoor living space or beautify your property.

Whether you would like to design a new driveway, walkway or patio, we offer a wide range of concrete installations. If you need long-term vehicle parking, we can accommodate that just as easily as if you require only pedestrian traffic paving. Our award winning designs and meticulous craftsmanship are going to be to your complete satisfaction. Quotes and designs are always free of charge and we go to great lengths to work together with our customers in order to bring their individual vision to life.

Freestanding walls and retaining walls are also part of our services. Our experienced, professional and highly skilled workers can make any concrete construction for you. Whether you would like to modify the natural elements in your backyard, create water work or just beautify your outdoor living space, we provide you with anything you need. Our extensive experience shows in the quality of our designs and execution. Entrust us with all of your hardscaping contractor needs.

We also offer natural stonework, veneer and rock gardens, patios and decks. Natural stone is an outstanding element in any well balanced designed. Its natural beauty enhances any outdoor work and its sturdiness makes sure that you will be able to enjoy it for years to come. Whether used as a focal point or incorporated with plants or other natural elements, stone and veneer products are always an eye catcher.

Building an outside deck or patio is essential for any contemporary quality outdoor living space. As an award-winning hardscaping contractor, we make sure that your vision comes to life in the most stylish and successful way possible. Our dedicated design team will help you come up with the best options for your home; our building crews will make it come to life in ways you never thought imaginable.